Google Resources for Parents

Click the buttons below to access resources to learn more about Google Workspace and help students and families learn how to use these tools effectively.

Digital Readiness for students and parents


Digital Readiness for Families

Resources to support families and guardians with Google Workplace at home.

Ipad, Chromebook and Desktop

Step by step instructions to help students and parents find Google Meet and Google Classroom at home. There are visuals/directions for Laptop/Desktop, Chromebook and iPad.

Digital Readiness for Students

Resources that will help your students learn the digital basics needed to use Google Workspace effectively.

Common errors when signing into Google accounts

  • Spelling

  • Forgetting to type in a number associated with the account. Not all google account usernames have a number. For example, either of the following examples are possible: or

  • Incorrectly typing underscore _s

  • If you are unable to access your students Google account using the username and password provided by your child's teacher, please let the teacher know.