Hazelwood School Staff

and Class Websites

Grade One 

G. Compton

Compton's Homework Page

D. Chafe

Chafe's Homework Page

R. Holden   

Holden's Homework Page

Grade Two 

K. Knight

Knight's Homework Page

S. MacIntosh 2/3 Split

MacIntosh's Homework Page

T. Oliver

Oliver's Homework Page

Grade Three 

M. Mills

Mills' Homework Page

H. Power

Power's Homework Page

J. Ward

Ward's Homework Page

Grade Four 

P. Hackett

Hackett's Homework Page

M. Sinnott

Sinnott's Homework Page

A. Vincent     Grade 4/5 Split

Vincent's Homework Page

Grade Five 

J. Butler

Butler's Homework Page

J. Vaters

Vater's Homework Page

Grade Six 

W. Kerr (ICF)

Kerr's Homework Page

J. Power

Power's Homework Page

L. Walsh

Walsh's Homework Page


Band - D. Burry

Music- C. Feltham

Music- J.  Dawe

Physical Education - A. Williams

Physical Education - M. Dyke

Reading Specialist - M. Fleming

 Ms. Fleming's Reading Page 

Teacher-Librarian - G. Edison 

Library Learning Commons (VLLC)

English as an Additional Language (EAL)  - T. Reddy

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) -

M. Critchley

IRT (Instructional Resource Teacher)

K. Breen ( Department Head)

R. Baker

M. Bowen

L. Head

M. Perrin

A. Walsh

A. McDonald

TLA (Teaching and Learning Assistant)

M. Charles

L. Edwards

K. Rogers

Student Assistants

   S. Noftall J. Winsor

   S. Woodfine Y.  Janes

  C. Scott G. Blake

   J.  Mouland M. Tibbo

Custodial Staff:      D. McDonald (Maintenance) , J. Bromley (Night), C. Richards (Night)


Principal- J. Beckett-O'Leary

Assistant Principal- K Norman

Guidance Counsellor- J. Poole

Secretary- S. Martin  

updated January 24, 2023