Ms. MacIntosh's Homework Page

~ Read 10 minutes every night.~

Here are some additional activities you may choose to do with your child:

  • Magnetic Letters - Use the fridge or a cookie sheet as a magnetic board and have your child practise spelling some of the high frequency words from a book they are reading.

  • Story Retell - Have your child retell a story they have read or discuss the elements of a story (characters, setting, problem, solution; main idea, supporting details...). This will help strengthen your child's comprehension skills.

  • Message Board - Write your child a simple message to which they can read and then write a response.

  • Story Starter - Build a story line by line. Each person takes a turn telling or writing a sentence to create a story. This can be a recount of something you have done, or use your imagination to create a fun story.

  • Addition and/or Subtraction Flash Cards - These can be bought at the dollar store or Staples, or they can be made using index cards. Knowing the basic math facts will help your child in all areas of math.

  • Race to 100 - You will need a 100 Board, one die, and something to mark your place on the board. Start at 1. Roll the die and move your piece that many numbers forward. Have your child say the number they land on and whether it is an odd or even number. Continue until someone reaches 100. You can also race backwards from 100 to 1.