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Happy Tuesday! A video to explain talking about part-part-whole math stories. Thanks! Rachel

Good evening folks. This is the video to explain the ten frames. Thanks! Rachel

Hello friends of Grade One!

We have had such an exciting start to our year! Please note the following:

  • picture day is Monday, October, 1st, 2018

  • our home reading books were sent home on Monday. Please return the books on the day noted

Please stay tuned for awesome things to come!

Thanks for visiting!

Amazing Websites: TVOKids ABCya!

We are also observing polar bears and penguins at through live feed from the San Deigo Zoo. We are talking turns recording the how animals behaviours and location to adapt to daily. We encourage "I wonder" questions.

I wonder what a polar bear does in the morning?

I wonder what a penguin does at lunch time?

I wonder will it be a pattern?

You can watch along at home to find out what happens at night and come back to report to us! Exciting!

Home connection: investigate - if aquarium fish are located in different parts of the aquarium at specific times of day - whether the location and behaviour of a household pet follows a daily pattern - do you see wild animals out your window? Feel free to send us your observations as digital images!