Hazelwood Elementary

Vision Statement

Hazelwood Elementary is a respectful school which celebrates individual achievements in a collaborative community. It empowers empathetic global citizens by striving to meet the needs of diverse learners.


The following web links will help students and parents access "learning at home" information:

MAY 1 - NEWSLETTER Available here

MAY 8 - Newsletter Available here

MAY 15 - Newsletter Available Here

Virtual Spirit Week May 11 - 15

Hazelwood Elementary is planning a Virtual Spirit Week for the week of May 11-15th. During this week we are planning fun theme days for any families who would like to participate. Please see the May 8 newsletter for details!

Hazelwood Virtual Spirit Week

May 4-10th is Mental Health Awareness Week.

This year's theme is "Social Connection." Reach out to family and friends for support. Remember reaching out for support is a sign of strength.

https://mentalhealthweek.ca/ https://www.bridgethegapp.ca/

NL Oral History Project with Heritage NL and The Rooms

Calling all students! We want your family stories about what is happening in Newfoundland and Labrador during the Covid-19 pandemic! Here are some sample questions to get you started on your home oral history interview. You can answer these yourself, or sit down with a family member and interview them. Don’t forget to start your interview by spelling out your full name, and including the date of the interview. You can record your interview in any format (audio or video) on your smartphone or digital device, and email it to covid19@heritagenl.ca. If it is a large file, you can use the free www.wetransfer.com website to send it to the same email address, or post it on YouTube and send us the link.

All submissions welcome, including songs, recitations, poetry, or music!

Sample Questions:

  • Can you describe the community where you live?
  • When did you first learn about the coronavirus? What were your initial reactions?
  • How did your community respond to the virus? What closures, restrictions, or safeguards were put in place?
  • Describe any events you witnessed that express your or your community’s response to the virus.
  • How are you personally responding to the virus? What has changed in your daily routine?
  • How has your family been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • How are you staying in touch with family and friends?
  • What will you remember most about this time in our lives?
  • Feel free to make up your own questions!

What will happen to my audio/video file?

Once you contact us, we will ask you to fill out a brief, confidential consent form so that we can add your story to a permanent collection on Memorial University’s Digital Archives Initiative, where it can be seen and accessed for educational and non-commercial use only, and where it may be used as part of a future physical or online exhibit at The Rooms about the Covid-19 pandemic. Your story will become part of the historical record! If at some point you want your story taken down from the website, we can always remove your records from the archive.

For more information, contact:

Dale Jarvis, Heritage NL dale@heritagenl.ca

@dalejarvis on Twitter www.hfnl.ca


MUSIC MEET UP on Friday, May 7 at 10:30am

The google classroom code is 2uuzqye and you need to use your NLESD email to join. This week Ms. Rendell is encouraging students to share a song - on piano, recorder, band instrument, etc! However you can still come and participate even if you don’t want to perform anything. Thanks to everyone who came last week - it was SO awesome to see your faces!

Make some Music@Home with https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com

Kindergarten Music with Ms. Beresford

Over the next couple of weeks we will explore songs, poems and movements allllll about bumble bees! I bet your parents know one of this weeks songs and can teach you the actions!


Every Wednesday at 11am the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra is hosting a Rhythm & Recess Event on their Facebook and Youtube channel. This week they featured Rob Power again for part 2 of the percussion series. Check out the video here and be sure to tune in next week to see who they have!

Click the NSO LINK

Kinderstart for 2020-2021

Online Registration for Kindergarten for September 2021 (Kinderstart for September 2020) will begin on May 13, 2020 using the NLESD website at Registration LINK.

Children must be five(5) years of age on or before December 31, 2021 in order to register. Please note this registration process is for children who will attend Kinderstart in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year and Kindergarten in the 2021-2022 school year. Children registered in Kinderstart will automatically be registered to attend Kindergarten in September 2021.

Hazelwood School Calendar 2019-20

For your planning purposes we have attached the daily calendar for 2019-20. Please note that the dates for Professional Learning Days are subject to change but we will be making every effort to stick with this schedule.

A note from The Kimberley Green Library Learning Commons...

Students, Parents and Guardians are asked to check for overdue library books. Not sure what library books look like? "Checkout the picture". All library books are stamped with the school name and have a tag on the binding of the book. Some tags are white, red, green and yellow. All students have been given notice of overdue books. Thanks for your help!!