Hazelwood Elementary

Vision Statement

Hazelwood Elementary is a respectful school which celebrates individual achievements in a collaborative community. It empowers empathetic global citizens by striving to meet the needs of diverse learners.

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June Newsletter Released!

The June Newsletter has been sent home through e-mail, the Hazelwood App and Twitter. Check it out by clicking here.

Hazelwood School Calendar 2019-20

For your planning purposes we have attached the daily calendar for 2019-20. Please note that the dates for Professional Learning Days are subject to change but we will be making every effort to stick with this schedule.

September 2019 Preparation!

If you are moving outside our school's catchment area over the summer we encourage you to fill out an NLESD transfer form.

NLESD Student Transfer Form

The same applies if you move into our zone. To establish your zoned school, please click the link below and enter your new address:

All supply lists and registration forms for September 2019-20 have been added to our Parent Information tab (see above). We have also been asked to make you aware of the Waterford Valley Review Process that will take place next year. For more information check out the memo from the NLESD.

Have a very safe and enjoyable summer!

A note from The Kimberley Green Library Learning Commons...

Students, Parents and Guardians are asked to check for overdue library books. Not sure what library books look like? "Checkout the picture". All library books are stamped with the school name and have a tag on the binding of the book. Some tags are white, red, green and yellow. All students have been given notice of overdue books. Thanks for your help!!

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