curriculum and class news

Important Reminders:

1. Dress for outside play

2. PD day Wednesday-no school for children

3. Thanksgiving Assembly on Thursday-please send non-perishable food item

4. Matilda on Friday

Grade 3 Curriculum

Math - Numbers to 1000 we are using the text, number manipulatives, practice book and our white boards while we are working in this unit.

Here is the link for the Grade 3 Math Curriculum Guide online.

Language Arts

Literacy strategy - Self Monitoring- we are exploring what self monitoring means and doing several stories and activities related to this.

Center Work- word work, writing-Thanksgiving, listen to reading-Epic on ipads, and read to self

Read Aloud- Matilda


Here is the link for the Grade 3 Language Arts Curriculum Guide online.


Soil Unit- we will explore soil through experiments, class discussions, children's literature, videos and individual and group work

Social Studies

We are working on "Where is Newfoundland and Labrador?" We are also discussing the upcoming election


We are working on well-being and topics include self-concept, emotions, character, healthy relationships and resolving conflict.


Thanksgiving turkeys and Halloween