Grade 3 Websites

Grade 3 Websites

Math Sites

Fraction Splat

Number Rumble - 10 Monkeys Math

Multiplication games

Math Games (multiplication)

Multiplication practice

Coding Studio

Give the Dog a Bone

Splat Hundreds Chart

Peter Pig's Money Counter

Math Is Fun Money Game

Virtual Manipulatives Base Ten Blocks

Numbers to 1000

Place value games

IXL Math Practice

Math Under the Sea Grade 3 Games (Alberta)

Polygon Playground game

Shapes in Space game

Polygon Shape Shoot game

Patch Patterns with Shapes game

Polygon or Not game

Kangaroo Hop Shapes game

What is a polygon video

Geometric Solids game

2 digit addition no regrouping

2 digit addition with regrouping

2 digit subtraction no regrouping

2 digit subtraction with regrouping

Grand Slam Story problems (2 digits)

Hooda Math

Language Arts Websites

Spelling ...

Spellzone - Silent W

Online Game for Compound Words

Games for Compound Words

Picture Game for Compound Words

Word Work/Spelling

Spelling training

PBS Kids Spelling Games

Spelling City


PBS Kids Reading games

Room Recess Reading Games

Primary Reading Games

Children's Picture Books Read online

Roy the Zebra Reading Games

Starfall Reading

Tumble books

Children's Picture Books read online


My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks

My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks Activity Sample

My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks Book read online

Simile Video

Science Websites

Strong and Stable Structures

Leaning Tower of Pisa facts video

!0 things about Pisa

Interesting facts about Pisa

Worms are wonderful video

Dirt book read aloud

The Scoop on Soil read aloud video

Diary of a worm read aloud video

Soil inteactive website

Building Big

Bill Nye - Plants video

Art Websites

Art For Kids

Religion Websites

Hana's Suitcase

Martin's Big Words

Dr. King's Memorial Monument in Washington D.C.

Martin Luther King Jumior's speech "I Have A Dream"

Martin Luther King Junior's speech "I've Been to the Mountain Top"

Ruby Bridges Movie

Viola Desmond

Boomerang of Kindness video

Don't Laugh at Me video

Stand Up, Make Some Noise video

Radio interview Innu elder Elizabeth Penashue

Meshkanu (The Long Walk of Elizabeth Penashue)

Miawpukek Annual Powwow. Conne River

Mi'kMaq Culture - Chief Mi'sel Joe

What is an Inukshuk video

Learn about the Inukshuk video

Beautiful Inukshuks video

Inukshuk History video

Health Websites

Bike helmet

Bicycle safety

Bike safe, Bike smart

Healthy Eating video

Fruits and Vegetables video

Dairy video

Dairy and bones video

Vitamins and minerals video

Sugar video

Foods to less often video

Starchy food videos

Canada's new food guide video

Canada's Food Guide

Brushing Teeth video

Tooth Decay video

Mouth Guard Video

Parts of a tooth video

Fun Websites

Halloween Games

Norad Santa tracker

Easter Games

Just Dance videos

St. Patrick's Day

More St. Patrick's Day Activities

CBC Kids


Scratch coding

Keyboarding practice