Class Photos

Science Dig Day!

Fluvarium Field trip for Science unit on soil. We had a blast and what a beautiful day it was!

Explorations with soil in our classroom- separating the components of soil.

Ordering numbers to 1000 on our number line.

Happy Halloween from our Grade 3 classroom!

Our little Mathematicians working hard during Math Block today!

Remembrance Day art! Watercolor paint techniques to create a background with cross in foreground.

Fun with Money! Students review the value of our Canadian coins and make a given value of money on the Smart Board :) Also, check out the amazing job the children did on their Remembrance Day art work.

Some hard workers, Lego masters, students enjoying outside play, and an author sharing her book! We are busy, busy, busy in Grade 3!

The children enjoyed a wonderful presentation from author Kevin Major! We are currently reading his book, "The House of Wooden Santas" so the children were absolutely loving it!

Fun with patterns during Math Block!

Christmas Fun! - reading our letter from Santa, buddy reading, and Gr 3 Christmas Concert! Of course we totally rocked our concert!

Every child's favorite- Show & Tell!

What do we do to get our 'wiggles' out when it's too icy to go outside? Yoga!

The students have really been enjoying building structures inspired by our structures unit in science. Also, many students enjoy sharing their writing pieces from Work on Writing.

Here are some snaps from our latest Roots of Empathy class and our most recent Hazelwood Heroes certificate winners.

Check out some of our latest art work!

More sharing from the Author's Chair today. Our students LOVE to share their writing.

More classroom author's sharing their work as well as guest author, Mr. Bill Jameson. The children very much enjoyed his storytelling!

Students were SO excited to give out their Valentine cards :)

Another fabulous Roots of Empathy session with Ms. Breen. Today the children were learning about sleep and transition objects.

Such a beautiful day for our School Wide Dart Outdoors Day!

Busy at our Word Work

Looks like we had a foolish leprechaun visit our classroom to read our St.Patrick's Day writing! The students made traps to get him, but it looks like he 'got' them instead!

Human Polygons and creating polygons on our geo-boards. So much fun...and learning of course ;)

Our April 1st visit with baby Isla. The children were so excited to see her sitting up!

Some very busy girls editing each others work for good word choice. So far we have been learned and worked on 4 of the 7 traits of writing: ideas, organization, voice and word choice. After Easter, we will continue with sentence fluency and conventions.

Our report on teeth for our dental health unit. They look like healthy teeth to me!

On April 15th student enjoyed a coding session with Mr. Edison in our tech lab. Coding is huge right now and it's a wonderful activity for problem solving and creativity skills. Your can see what coding is all about at home with your child by accessing the Scratch website for free through the link below:

Today is Hawaiian day at Hazelwood Elementary! Aloha!

Students also challenged themselves in the Math Olympics activities this morning. It was excellent!

The students have been waiting all year and have been quite excited to work on multiplication. They are doing awesome! Here they are doing a matching game with the multiplication facts.

Emily, Nathan and Grace are our Hazelwood Hero's for this assesmbly!

Like the citizens the Waterford Valley district, our students got to vote for their candidate of choice. They really enjoyed learning about the voting process.

Exloring magnets and creating/displaying our awesome art skills.

Sports day fun and inflatables :) A little cold out, but I don't think they noticed at all.

Our class has been super interested in plants- how they grow, what they need to grow, how we use them in our lives and how animals use them. We have been growing plants in class, researching about them online and today we enjoyed experiencing all things plants at the beauitful Botanical Gardens!

Our celebration with baby Isla. The students had a wonderful year with her watching her grow and learn. It was truly a wonderful experience for all of us.