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Gary - Virtual Curriculum Night
12 Days of Christmas at Hazelwood 2021

February 9

February 1

January 25

January 9

Drop ice cubes in the toilet.

Drop a spoon either under your pillow or in the toilet.

Wear your pjs inside out and backwards. 

Wear socks over your hands when going to bed.

January 5

December 6

November 21

November 18

November 16

November 8

November 7

November 2

wednesday, october 12

wednesday, october 5


monday, September 26

thursday, September 8

Tuesday, May 24

Monday, May 2

wednesday, april 13

wednesday, april 6

tuesday, march 22

wednesday, march 16

monday, march 7

tuesday, march 1

monday, february 21

Thursday, February 17

monday, february 7

Wednesday, december 8

Monday, november 29

Wednesday, november 24

monday, november 22

tuesday, november 16


Monday, November 8

Monday, October 25

monday, october 18

friday, october 15

Wednesday, October 13

Monday, October 4

friday, october 1

tuesday, september 21

1, Vaccine forms due back tomorrow for public health nurse. 

2. Read 20 minutes. 

3. Headsets and flashlights needed for Chromebook time on Thursday. 

friday, september 17

thursday, september 16

wednesday, september 15


wednesday, june 2

thursday, may 27

wednesday, may 26

tuesday, May 25

Monday, May 10

friday, May 7

 all of the last 9 pages completed as well as the word problems on 13, 14 &16

monday, may 3

wednesday, april 28

monday, April 26

Friday, april 23

finish pages 336-337

monday, april 19


Monday, April 12

monday, March 29


thursday, March 24

1 Eleven students are participating in the SOC contest about anti-racism. Congratulations and wishing you good luck. 

2. Next book tally for the school contest is Monday. Please bring anything you finish over the next few weeks for the tally. 

3. Science research and Language persuasive writing posted on the Google classroom will be done at school unless there's an emergency closure. 

4. Continue practice of multiplication facts up to 12. x12. 


March 18

february 5

february 2

Week of february 1-5

tuesday, january 26

monday, january 25

3. (With confusion of snowdays)  Martin Luther King sheets distributed last Monday should be submitted no later than Wednesday of this week. 

4. Continue practising multiplication facts, Familiarize self with 9s by using fingers. 

5.. Read 20 minutes. 

6. Staff appreciation week memo for interested guardians/parents. 

tuesday, january 19

Monday, january 18

tuesday, January 12

monday, January 11

thursday, January 7

wednesday, January 6

tuesday, January 5

Monday, January 4

Thursday, December 17

Tuesday, December 15

2. Buddy reading tomorrow; book exchange Friday. 

3. Read for 20 minutes. Begin practising 2s and 5s of multiplication tables. You need to know for best success in future math chapters. 


1. National Child Day is tomorrow and students are encouraged to wear blue. 

2. Spelling Bee for the class will be determined Thursday. 

3. Finish Science sheets at home and submit Thursday please. 

Monday, November 18

1. Moveathon will be Friday morning. Early bird prizes drawn today and the rest of prizes will be drawn on November 29. 

2. Phys Ed tomorrow. 

3. Spelling Bee is Thursday and two winners per class will enter the schoolwide bee being held in December. 

4. Read. 

Friday, November 15

1. correction: Early bird prize for moveathon is Monday, not today. You still have chances to win!

2. Computer lab Monday, You may wish headphones or earbuds.  Phys Ed Tuesday.

3. Read. 

4. Social Studies test returned today.  

5. All textbooks and agendas should be in class each day unless test approaching. 

Wednesday, November 13

1. Two more days till Early Bird prize for Moveathon. 

2. Read. 

3. Social Studies and Phys Ed tomorrow. 

Tuesday, November 12

1. Pages 9 and 10 of purple duotang should've been finished in Math class today. 

2. Phys Ed and Social Studies test on Thursday. 

3. Book exchange tomorrow. 

4. Moveathon funds being collected daily and early bird prize will be awarded this Friday. 

5. Moveathon is Friday, November 22;  in class Spelling Bee is Thursday, November 21. 

thursday, November 7

1. Kickoff to our Moveathon this afternoon. Students have received pledge sheets and directions. 

2. Study guide for next Thursday's Social Studies test. 

3. Spelling lists distributed for practice for the Spelling Bee. 

4. Read. 

5. School reopens Tuesday, November 12, and will be Day 5. 

6. Reminder about school lunch orders. 

7. Attend a parade on Monday if possible or keep the two minute observation at 11 o'clock. 

Wednesday, November 6

1. Wear Red, White, or a service uniform tomorrow. 

2. Kick off to our fundraiser tomorrow. 

3. School lunch orders for December due November 12.

4. Spelling Bee wordlists distributed today; this study should occur at home.

5. Class spelling bee November 21.

Monday, November 4

1. Ensure you are ready for 4 seasons for tomorrow's field trip to Manuels. 

2. Please have enough food and water with you for the field trip. 

3. All signed permission slips should be submitted so that no last minute phone calls. 

4. Phy Ed Wednesday. 

5. Green Math duotangs should be passed in NO LATER than Wednesday morning with ALL subtraction/addition sheets completed. The beginning section using number lines will not be completed till February. 

Tuesday, October 29

1. Group email message regarding GEO centre activities on Friday. 

2. Group email message regarding school breakfast donations for the month of November. 

3. Photo retake day is November 12 and original packet of photos must be returned first. 

4. All sheets in Duotang #1 for Math must be submitted Monday, November 4. 


Friday, October 25

1. Form distributed to all students who may be interested in being  with the Mayor for a day.

2. Monies for Scholastic are due October 30, Field trip money before November 5, and Photos due November 6. 

3. Phys Ed Monday and an extra Phys Ed class on Tuesday. 

4. Halloween activities are Thursday afternoon only and no school on Friday, November 1. 

5. Read. 

Thursday, October 24

1. Students are encouraged to participate in the Janeway Pajama Day tomorrow. A donation of $1 per student plus wearing pajama pants shows your support. 

2. Math test tomorrow. 

3. Phys Ed on Monday of next week; Choir is Tuesday. 

4. No school next Friday, November 1, due to teacher PD

Tuesday, October 22

1. Permission slip distributed for upcoming field trip. 

2. Practise subtraction and addition from the sums on page 98 of math textbook. (20 minutes)

3. Read. 

4. Reminder of School Photo envelopes and Scholastic book order forms if interested. 

Monday, October 21

1. Photos distributed on Friday and online or envelope orders accepted until November 6. 

2. School newsletter should have been received via email of October activities. 

3. Math test Friday will have estimation, addition and subtraction activities identical what has been covered in class. 

4. Phys Ed Wednesday. 

5. Monthly recycling blitz will be Thursday, October 31. 

Thursday, October 17

1. Next Friday, October 25, is the test for our current Math chapter: Addition and Subtraction strategies. 

2. Read from an information book tonight. 

3. Library books should be in class tomorrow for book exchange time. 

Wednesday, October 16

1. Scholastic orders can be submitted to Mrs. Lane or online with her name by October 30. 

2. Students should have a larger protective bag for their recorders. 

3. Math duotang sheets: Choose one of the three listed. Thanksgiving Word Problems Mrs. Smith (2-sided sheet) or  Joy planting flowers. 

4. Phys Ed tomorrow. 

5. Book exchange and buddy reading activities will be Friday. 

6. Student vote tomorrow: Make your own decision for whom you believe will best. 

Tuesday, October 15

1. Eventbrite registration should be used if interested in Kids Learning Code workshop on October 26

Kids Learning Code: Gamemaking and Circuitry with Scratch & MaKey MaKey

2. Finish the math sheet Graveyard Fences and the backside of the same sheet. 

3. Reread the Science sheets discussed in class today. 

4. Read. 

Thursday, October 10

1. Read 20 minutes. 

2.  School lunch envelopes for November orders have been distributed. Please submit envelopes or online orders by October 15.  

3. Bus leaving promptly at 9am tomorrow for Arts and Culture Centre. 

4.  No school Monday; Tuesday will be Day 1.

5. Thank you for donations for our Thanksgiving food drive. Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

Tuesday, October 8

1. Reminder there's no school tomorrow due to teacher PD.

2. Finish the three pages of LEFT to RIGHT addition as found in the duotang. 

3. Read. 

4. Thanksgiving assembly on Thursday and Matilda on Friday.  We have three parents going with us on Friday. 

Monday, October 7

1. Matilda musical is Friday of this week. 

2. Thanksgiving assembly will be Thursday and food donations gratefully accepted.

3. Read. 

4. Book exchange is Thursday this week. 

5. Yellow ballots for School Council should be returned to the school office by Friday 9am. 

Friday, October 4

1. Yellow form sent home to all students. It is the nomination form for the 2019-2020 school council and needs to be returned by Friday, October 11. Original forms only. 

2. Phys Ed Monday. 

3. School close out Wednesday, October 9. School reopens Thursday and it will be Day 6. Buses for Matilda will be leaving promptly at 9am Friday. 

4. Read at least three times over the weekend for total 60 minutes. 

Thursday, October 3

1. Bonus phys ed period tomorrow morning. Regular phys ed to be held Monday. 

2. Apple with a stem needed for a craft for tomorrow; we will be watching Lion Witch and Wardrobe at the same time. 

3. Food donations still being accepted for our school Thanksgiving celebration being held next Friday. 

4. Permission slips for the musical Matilda should be submitted by Monday, October 7. 

Wednesday, October 2

1. Orange day being celebrated in our class on Friday. 

2. Thanksgving assembly next Thursday. Please be generous with our school food drive to support local food banks. 

3.No trading cards (hockey, pokemon, etc) permitted. No trading of toys AT ALL. 

Tuesday, October 1

1. ***Four students still have technology forms outstanding for use of Ipads and computer lab. 

2. Finish the assigned questions from LWW, either Chapter 15, 16, or 17, as started in class today. 

3. Field trip forms to Matilda should be returned by the end of this week. 

4. Read aloud for 20 minutes. 

Monday, September 30

1. Please, for Friday's class,  bring an apple with a stem for creating Halloween witches. 

2. School photos tomorrow. 

3. Phys Ed and book exchange Wednesday. 

Friday, September 27

1. Math tests are returned to students today and should be signed by parents.

2. Purple forms about school council were due today; please contact Mrs. Healey if need for late submission. 

3. Read. 

4. School photos are Tuesday, October 1. 

5. Rocks due for Monday's class. 

Thursday, September 26

1. Thanks for supporting the schoolwide recycling blitz today. 

2. Purple forms regarding field trip to see Matilda on October 10. Forms must be returned by October 7. 

3. Read. 

Wednesday, September 25

1. Bricks for Kids forms distributed if interested. 

2. Math Test tomorrow; Please review today's worksheet plus the guide and any sheets completed in the duotang. 

3. Tomorrow is our first school wide recycling blitz; don't forget!

4. Phys Ed tomorrow.

5. Purple sheets about School Council should be returned by Friday of this week. 

6. Read. 

Tuesday, September 24

1. Textbooks and duotangs to go home for next two nights in preparation for Thursday's Math test. Please omit any section about number lines for this test as it will be taught later in the year. 

2. Read. 

3. Details about Family literacy night on school website. 

4. Science sheet and rocks due next Monday, September 30.

Monday, September 23

1. Collecting the two orange sheets of paper on Tuesday that are part of our Vote activities. 

2. School wide recycling blitz on Thursday, September 26. 

3. School lunch program begins Wednesday this week. 

4. Phys Ed on Thursday this week. 

5. Please return purple forms asap if interested in School Council. 

6. Science Sheet and three rocks due next Monday, September 30.

Thursday, September 19

1. Ensure all sheets for Lion, Witch and Wardrobe up to Chapter 6 have vocabulary sections completed. Questions should be ready to correct for Monday's class. 

2. School wide recycling blitz is next Thursday, September 26. 

3. Read.

4. Check the items on the study guide for next Thursday's math quiz. Which parts are still unfamiliar?!

5. Phys Ed Monday

Wednesday, September 18

1. Math test next Thursday, September 26. Study guide already in each child's duotang. 

2. Family Literacy Night! Please see school homepage for further exciting details. 

3. Read for 20 minutes out loud tonight. 

Tuesday, September 17

1. Review Social Studies sheets that we started today. 

2. Scholastic book orders can be done through Mrs. Karen Lane on Scholastic website or dropped by to her by Monday, September 23. 

3. Read.

Monday, September 16

1. Phys Ed tomorrow. 

2. Message regarding upcoming school photos. 

3. Math duotang sheets #2, 5, 9 and 14 should be completed. 

4. Read for 20 minutes.

Wednesday, September 11

1. Questions in orange Language duotang should be finished to the end of Chapter 3. 

2. Curriculum night tonight at 7 for Grade 4 parents/guardians; tomorrow's schedule is for the remaining Elementary students and primary grades. 

3. Read aloud for 20 minutes. 

4. Bring Phys Ed clothing for tomorrow's class. 

Monday, September 9

1. School lunch orders for September 25-October 31 now being collected. Envelopes or online orders need to be completed by September 11. 

2. Orange duotang/Language questions to be finished at home and returned daily if the work isn't completed during school time. 

3. Written message about curriculum night. 

4. All forms should now be returned to school; it is critical to have the media and technology forms for using any tablets or computers during school hours. 

5. Read aloud 20 minutes. 

Thursday, September 5

1. Three forms sent home yesterday, yellow, white and beige,  should be returned by Friday, September 6.

2. Phys. Ed scheduled for Day 3 and 7; tomorrow is Phys Ed day!

3. More forms to be returned for Friday: Bus Code of Conduct (all students must complete) and Digital Citizenship.

4. Curriculum night for Grade 4 parents only will be Wednesday, September 11; for all other grades, the meeting is being held Thursday, September 12. 

Monday, June 24

1. Student reports cannot be distributed prior to 12:50 on Thursday with dismissal at 1pm

2. All school textbooks should now be back in the building including outstanding library books. 

3. Lunch on Wednesday will be provided by one of our parents, thank you. Additionally, students have been encouraged to bring a shareable dessert for that day. We will have white milk available for each student for lunch since it goes really well with chocolate!

4. If moving to a new address or school over the summer, please notify as soon as possible to help us adjust our files and transfer records if needed. 

5. School lunch program concluded on Friday past while breakfast club will continue until Thursday morning. 

6. Music program for the year has concluded while Phys Ed will go ahead tomorrow afternoon as usual. 

Thursday, June 13

1. Field trip went quite successfully at the Fluvarium today. Thanks to all parents who came to help. 

2. No school Friday due to report card preparation. Monday will be Day 7. 

3. Phys Ed next week will be Tuesday. 

4. Expect that Monday will be our outside Fun Day; keep listening to radio and Twitter updates. 

5. Enjoy your weekend celebrating fathers in our lives. 

Monday, June 10

1.  Second Field Trip permission slip sent home today. 

2. Social Studies test returned. 

3. Outdoor fun day rescheduled to next week, most likely Monday. 

Friday, June 7

1. Reminder that elementary fun day is scheduled for Monday. Listen to radio and check Twitter for updates if in doubt based on weather. Sunscreen, extra water, and sunhats recommended. 

2. No school next Friday due to report card close-out. 

3. Ongoing work in all subjects is still occurring. Ensure your June report card is reflective of your best efforts. 

4. We are thrilled to be one of two schools invited to Government House on June 21. Details to follow and parents are welcome to attend with us. 

Tuesday, June 4

1. Popsicle orders going on this week for last time. 

2. Science projects due tomorrow or by the end of this week. We cannot use further time. 

3. Outside fun day for Elementary classes is next Monday, June 10. Sunscreen, sun hat, extra water and light clothing should be with all students, even if a cloudy day. 

4. Field trip for Grade 4s to the Fluvarium on the afternoon of June 13. Permission slip to go home tomorrow. 

5. PE tomorrow and Friday. Wear the right clothing. 

6. Social Studies test Thursday.  Study guides have been distributed and reviews done in class. 

Thursday, May 30

1. Science project due next Wednesday. Directions have been distributed and explained in class. 

2. Social Studies test next Thursday; study guide distributed and reviewed. 

3. Ongoing practice of multiplication facts. 

4. Read aloud tonight for 20 minutes.

5. Monday's homework page has important dates for the month of June. Please review below on this site.  

Wednesday, May 29

1. Science test returned and reviewed. Directions for Term 3 project distributed and explained. Due date: next Wednesday, June 5. 

2. All materials belonging to Learning Resource Centre should be returned by June 3. 

3. Social Studies  word list for Unit 3 distributed today. Series of questions from Unit 3 will be distributed tomorrow. Test for Unit 3 will be next Thursday, June 6. 

4. Forms for those doing Trackfest have been distributed and should be returned asap. 

5. Continue studying multiplication facts. 

Monday, May 27

1. Division quiz returned to students. Please continue reviewing using the sheets in the duotang.  Current topic: Measurement. Time. Work assigned in class today to be corrected tomorrow: page 267 #1-4  and  page 270 #2-5

2. Tomorrow: Dominion will be providing breakfast for our school and we truly appreciate their sponsorship of our breakfast program. 

3. Upcoming June Dates:      June 1: Kids Expo at the techniplex. Forms distributed today. 

June 4:  Grounds clean-up. 5-7 followed by BBQ

June 10: Elementary fun day

June 14: School closed for report card preparation

June 26: Last day for colouring sheet entries to the Monster Truck show. Presentation of prize will take place at winning school. 

Friday, May 24

1. Phys Ed next week is Monday and Wednesday. 

2. Continue practising multiplication facts, especially 5s to help with clocks. 

3. Social studies quiz will be week of June 3. Study guide to be distributed on Monday. 

Wednesday, May 22

1. Last recycling blitz for the year is tomorrow. 

2. Science quiz tomorrow. 

3. PLEASE continue studying multiplication facts nightly till the end of this school year. 

4. Two flyers distributed:        Kilbride Camp July 2- August 30   and       St. John's Football

Tuesday, May 21

1. Reminder of Math test tomorrow and Science test on Thursday. Study guide distributed for Science and 6 worksheets of division practice should be completed as review of the chapter. 

2. Code Mobile will be visiting our class on Friday for a coding activity. 

3. Popsicle sales ongoing for Friday recess. 

4. Daily practice of multiplication facts needs to continue to the end of the school year to support Grade Five Math learning.  

5. No phys ed this week. 

6. All books should be returned to Library by June 4. Next week is last week for book exchange. 

Thursday, May 16

1. Study guide distributed for Science test being held next Thursday, May 23. Topic:  Light

2. Popsicle sales on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week ($1) and students will receive these treats on the May 24 recess.

3. Phys Ed tomorrow. 

4. Passes for Eastbound Park events were donated to our school today for one of four upcoming events. As well, there is a colouring contest for tickets to attend the July Monster Truck show. 

5. Too many students still unfamiliar with multiplication facts, especially 5s and 9s. Please study these in preparation for next Wednesday's division test. 

6. Read. 

Tuesday, May 14

1. Phys Ed tomorrow and Friday. 

2. Math test next Wednesday. Topic:  Division

3. Student election being held Thursday, same as provincial election date. 

4. Trackfest forms and information going home today for those students interested. 

5. Read for 20 minutes. 

6. No school Monday, May 20, because of Victoria Day weekend. Tuesday will be Day 2. 

Wednesday, May 8

1. School lunch envelopes distributed in class today. Envelopes and online ordering for the month of June must be completed by Tuesday, May 14. 

2. Bonus Phys Ed class next Tuesday which means Phys Ed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday next week. 

3. Student election will be held here at school on May 16. 

4. No school on Monday, May 13. School reopens as Day 5, Tuesday. 

5. MUN will be holding Free family festival on Saturday, May 11. Cards sent home advertising this event. 

Tuesday, May 7

1. Read for 20 minutes. 

2. In your SS notebook, answer the following four questions.   Identify any names that you see on election signs in your neighbourhood. What party does that person represent? Who is the incumbent candidate in your district? If you could vote, would you? Why or why not?

3. Practise multiplication facts, especially 3s, 6s, and 9s. 

4. Spring Fair letter regarding sales on Saturday morning. 

Monday, May 6

1. Only two sets of tickets still outstanding from our class toward the Spring Fair lottery. 

2. Virtue of the month: Honesty. Homework for parents to recognize their child having this virtue. 

3. Saturday is FINALLY  our big event.  Admission tickets for the Spring fair are currently on sale: $4 for adults and $1 for children. 

4. Student voting will take place on May 16, same as provincial election day. Make sure you mark your X. 

5. Continue practising multiplication facts to support understanding of current chapter in Math. 

6. Phys Ed today and Wednesday. 

Friday, April 12

1. Finish page 13 in preparation for Tuesday's Math test. Keep practising all multiplication facts. 

2. Thanks for super generosity towards our bottle blitz.

3. Spirit Days activities for next week. Monday theme is Favourite team plus we have Grade 4 activities in the gym till recess. Tuesday is Hawaiian day; Wednesday is favourite hero and Thursday is Pyjama Day. 

Thursday, April 11

1. Bottle blitz =  ice cream party

2. Lottery tickets: please return asap if sold

3. Continue practising multiplication facts.

4. Try page 13 in duotang. Any 4 sums the new method!! 

Tuesday, April 9

1. Reminder of next Tuesday's Math quiz. Please practice the assigned work daily as we build in our skills of multiplication. Today: Duotang sheets pages 15&22. Skills of estimation and rounding to nearest 10 or 100. 

2. Bottle blitz #4 this week is Friday and prize is ice cream for the entire class. Would go really well with our pizza party of next Tuesday!!

3. Yellow note about an Easter camp and blue note about Spring Fair Volunteer jobs. 

4. Read. 

5. Keep practising multiplication facts and use the 10 monkeys website to reinforce them too. 

Monday, April 8

1. It's Volunteer Week. Thanks to all who support our school in a variety of ways through volunteering your time. 

2. Spring Fair is quick upon us: May 11. 1200 Bottles are used as prizes at the bottle stall so we are collecting more again this week. The reward for Friday's bottle blitz is an ice cream party; it would go well with our pizza party reward from last week. 

3. Tickets for the prize of $2500 are still being returned and the first early bird $25 prize is tomorrow.  Next Tuesday will be another early bird seller's prize. 

4. Please finish page 14 in your math duotang and continue practising all multiplication facts. 

Friday, April 5

1. REAL program helps with financial support to families who are registering children in summer and winter programs. Deadline for application for this summer is April 17. 

2. Please practice multiplication facts. Too many students are not recalling 3s, 4s and 9s as quickly as they should. 

3. Thanks for donations to our bottle blitz for the Spring Fair. 

4. Phys Ed Monday and Wednesday next week. 

5. Read aloud 20 minutes two times this weekend. 

Thursday, April 4

1. Lottery tickets for the $2500 prize can be returned as soon as sold to be entered for an early bird prize. 

2. Parent homework: Perseverance is the virtue of the month. 

3. Please practise 6s, 7s, and 8s . Finish the chart in duotang if you didn't meet the 4 minute challenge.

4. Bottle blitz tomorrow. Pizza party is the challenge. 

5.  Bonus Phys Ed class tomorrow morning at 9:55.

Wednesday, April 3

1. Bottle blitz #3: Friday, April 5. Competition this week: prize for class with highest average number of donations.

2. School lunch orders for May are now available on paper or online. Orders must be placed by next Tuesday, April 9.

3. Language writing assignment has begun: Persuasive writing. We will continue for next 2 weeks on this style of writing. 

4. Early bird prizes for school lottery tickets: Three Tuesdays, April 9, 16 and 30.

Tuesday, April 2

1. tonight is the big night:)  Please arrive between 630 and 645. 

2. tickets for our $2500 spring fair lottery can be returned as soon as sold.  There will be three early bird draws with cash prizes for sellers. The final seller's prize is awarded with the big cash prize when the actual draw occurs at the Spring Fair. 

3. Bottle blitz #3 this week is Friday. Excluding water, any type of plastic bottle product is gratefully accepted, such as shampoo, BBQ sauce, pop, and cleaners. 

Thursday, March 28  and Monday, April 1

1. Generative Art with Interactive Features.    Saturday, April 13 

Coding workshop: 

2. Next Math test will be Tuesday, April 16. Topic: Multiplying with Multi-digit numbers. It is critical to be practising all multiplication facts to 12x12 daily. 

3. Previous math test from Wednesday has now been returned. 

4. Lottery tickets were distributed among students today. $2500 prize to be drawn at our spring fair. 

5. Full costumes required for tomorrow's matinees done during school day (gloves, baseball hats);  students should arrive in Multi-purpose room no later than 645 tomorrow evening. 

6. Autism awareness day tomorrow. Please wear sunglasses and bright blue if possible. 

Tuesday, March 26

1. Two letters sent home: First letter extending invitation to parents' planning meeting tomorrow night for our Spring Fair and second message is the types of donations that would be greatly appreciated. 

2. Tickets for $2500 lottery will be distributed Monday. 

3. Early dismissal Thursday, 11:30 am. No school Friday and the following Monday will be Day 1. 

4. Math quiz tomorrow on decimals only. 

Friday, March 22

1. Next week is a three and a half day week, so please make best efforts to attend for your best performance in academics and musical.  

2. Spring fair bottle blitz #2 will be Thursday, March 28;   our monthly recycling blitz is that same day. 

3. Read at least three different times this weekend for 20 minutes at a time. 

4. Get ready for decimals quiz to be held Wednesday, March 27. Concepts to be evaluated will show:  Understanding of the hundredths and tenths grids, use of money, making change, adding with use of base 10 representations of decimals. Yes you can do it!!

5. Lunar the llama tickets now on sale at $0.25 each.  As well, our concert of April 2 still has tickets remaining. 

Thursday, March 21

1. First bottle blitz for spring fair is tomorrow. 

2. Purple Day is Tuesday, March 26, to give awareness to and support of Epilepsy. 

3. Practise with drawings showing base 10 diagrams any three addition sums from the set using decimals. 

4. Read 20 minutes aloud. 

5. Report cards for Term 2 sent home today. Appointments for meetings occur through Online OPTIS only. 

6. Tickets for Grade 4 concert currently on sale.  

7. Monthly recycling blitz; Thursday, March 28. 

8. International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is March 21; so is the first day of Spring.  

Wednesday, March 20

BOTTLE BLITZ LETTER!!! Blitz # 1 is this Friday. There are 6 blitzes.

1. Math test showing understanding of decimals:  Wednesday, March 27

2. Early dismissal next Thursday, March 28, 11:30 am. No school March 29

3. Phys Ed tomorrow  and then next time is Monday, April 1. 

4. Tickets on sale for concert beforehand $2; no tickets sold at the door. 

5. Read and continue practising multiplication facts. 

Tuesday, March 19

1. All Operation Leprechaun manuals should now be submitted. 

2. Letter from Mr. Pender and Grade 4 teachers regarding upcoming school musical. 

3. Tickets now on sale for school musical of April 2. 

4. Please finish any two of the math sheets distributed in class today and return for Wednesday's class. 

5. Continue nightly reading and practice of multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 

Wednesday, March 13

1. Virtue of the month: Courage. Please review with parents and return promptly. 

2. Complete the assigned sections of the Operation Leprechaun manual that were assigned in today's class. This manual must be finished by Friday of this week.

3. Finish the assigned multiplication sheet with answers as well as colours determined at the bottom. 

4. Read aloud.

5. No school Monday coming;        Intramurals and Phys Ed class on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 12

1. Finish the assigned section of Operation Leprachaun. 

2. Do one of the two sheets at the back of your manual, either alphabetical order or word scramble.

3. Decorate the cover of your manual according to the directions. 

4. Read 20 minutes. 

Monday, March 11

1. Envelopes and online orders for April school lunch program need to be submitted by tomorrow, March 12. 

2. Students should be prepared for hourlong outside play tomorrow. 

3. From the work assigned in three sessions today, please complete at home any unfinished work:  the journal entry, loose math sheets, or assigned Math duotang sheets. Science research will be done at school.

4. No school Monday, March 18, due to School Board holiday. In the following week, 

no school Friday, March 29 due to Teacher Professional Development. 

Wednesday, March 6

1. Lunch orders for the month of April can be done online until March 12 or through use of envelope for those who have received them. 

2. Read 20 minutes aloud. 

3. Phys ed tomorrow afternoon. 

4. Find three decimal tenths on food items or cleaning products in your house. Write them into your agenda.

Tuesday, March 5

1. Read aloud tonight for 20 minutes. 

2. Extra practice needed on multiplication facts that are still needed for this chapter in math. Review 3s and 5s. 

3. Parent survey ongoing till March 15    Please complete before time elapses, thanks. 

4. Phys Ed and Intramurals Thursday. 

5. Great yoga today as we go the extra mile. 

6. Outside playtime for all on Friday weather-permitting. Please have snowpants and snowboots. 

Monday, March 4

1. Education Week: Make sure you Go the extra mile. 

2. Yoga tomorrow. Please dress in comfortable gym clothing. 

3. Book fair ongoing. Our turn for sales will be just before lunch on Tuesday. 

4. Finish French Bloom ball sheet no later than Wednesday. 

5. Benchmarks to assist with order of Fractions. Try textbook page 222, #3,4, 5 for Wednesday's class. 

Wednesday, February 27

1. Great showing today for our sea of kindness. 

2. Recycling blitz tomorrow. 

3. Science tests returned. Well done, class!

4. Phys Ed rescheduled to Friday. 

Tuesday, February 26

1. Looking for volunteers to help with Scholastic book fair next week March 5-7. Contact Mr. Edison for further details

2. Flyer for Scholastic fair distributed. 

3. Pink Shirt should be worn tomorrow as part of our school's Safe and Caring initiatives. 

4. Read for 20 minutes aloud. 

Friday, February 22

1. Finish your picture to correspond with first chapter of Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Return to school on Monday please. 

2. Phys Ed next week revised: Monday, Tuesday and Friday. 

3. Science quiz Monday. 

4. Read and enjoy the weekend. 

Thursday, February 21

1. Order forms have been distributed for Mr J's book for those interested. 

2. Science test Monday next week. 

3. Phys Ed next week is Tuesday and Thursday. 

4. Monthly recycling blitz is next Thursday. 

5. #4 and #5 page 214 in Math Text.

6. Literacy day activities tomorrow. Dress as your favourite character. 

Wednesday, February 20

1. Breakfast fill-up donations still being collected till end of month. Thanks for donations already received. 

2. February 27: Pink Shirt Day at Hazelwood

3. February 28: Grade 5 musical and March 4-8 Scholastic book fair

4. Read aloud for 20 minutes tonight and bring in drawings for your procedural piece of writing. 

5. Literacy Day at our school Friday. Lt. Gov. Judy Foote will be the Grade 4 reader and students are encouraged to dress as character from a favourite piece of writing. 

Tuesday, February 19

1. RCMP contest. Try it out. See URL below. 

2. Math: Fractions newest topic. 

3. Read for 20 minutes. 

4. Two sheet study guide distributed for next Monday's Science test. 

5. Grade 4 musical will be April 2; today's choir performance earned 1st place. Keep on singing!!

6. Procedural writing activity begins tomorrow; students should have photos or drawings ready as assigned last week. 

Friday, February 15

1. Last day for subway orders. 

2. Thanks for all Valentines treats, cards and surprises. 

3. No school Monday, February 18, and Tuesday will be Day 1. 

4. Kiwanis festival for Grade 4s will be Tuesday morning. Message regarding clothing and fees has been sent home already. 

5. Envelope from Hard of Hearing Association sent home for all parents. 

6. Study guide for Science Quiz of Monday, February 25, distributed in class today. 

7. All parts for Grade 4 school musical were distributed in class yesterday. Musical is April 2.  

Tuesday, February 12

1. Details of new language assignment given in letter form. 

2. Math review ongoing.  Keep practising multiplication and division facts. 

Monday, February 11

1. Read. 

2. Literacy Day activities next week, Friday, February 22. Note sent home. 

3. Phys Ed. Thursday. 

4. Note regarding Kiwanis performance, bus fees, and clothing expectations sent home last week. Please

 return by Wednesday of this week. 

5. Ongoing Science presentations; homemade musical instruments created by all students. 

6. Math exit card activity Friday this week. 

7. Red, pink, or white clothing can be worn Thursday as part of Valentines celebrations. 

Friday, February 8

1. Message regarding school literacy day given to each student in class. 

2. Continue practising multiplication and division facts.  Math exit card next Friday. 

3. Social Studies tests returned. 

4. Read. 

5.      Events ongoing in Mount Pearl till February 16 if students are interested. 

Thursday, February 7

1. Message from Mr. Pender regarding clothing and fees for Kiwanis on February 19. 

2. Tomorrow is last day to order Pink Shirts for our school Anti-bullying day.

3. Division homework from textbook page 190, #4, 5, 6b

4. Collecting orders for school lunch and  yearbooks.

5. White notes about kindness being collected as February virtue. 

Wednesday, February 6

1. March hot lunch orders are due next week, February 12. 

2. Parent homework: Virtue of the month is Kindness. 

3. Science projects due next Monday, February 11. 

4. School Board holiday Monday February 18. 

5. Grade 4 choir participating in Kiwanis on February 19. Note going home regarding details. 

Tuesday,  February 5

1. Teeshirt orders if interested. Still collecting for Yearbook and Subway orders. 

2. Finsih sheets of division, pages 19, 20, 21, Math duotang. 

3. Read. 

4. Science project due next week; Social Studies test tomorrow. 

Monday, February 4

1. Thanks for donations for La fete de la Chandeleur. 

2. Reminder Social Studies test Wednesday. 

3. Phys Ed. tomorrow and Thursday. 

4. Read. 

5. Practise 7s and 10s tonight and ensure the full sheet of each is completed for Wednesday's class. 

6. Science project is due one week from today. 

Friday, February 1

1. Year book order forms distributed. Needs to be paid at school or online by March 22. 

2. Subway order forms were distributed earlier this week as a February fundraiser. 

3. Read. 

4. Study multiplication facts and the guide for next week's Social Studies quiz. 

Thursday, January 31

1. Reminder of next week's Social Studies test. 

2. Finish the 8s in Math duotang for Monday's class. 

3. Phys ed next week Tuesday. 

4. Read. 

5. La fete de la Chandeleur is Saturday. We will celebrate it Friday. 

6. Valentines names

Wednesday, January 30

1. Study guide distributed for next Wednesday's Social Studies test. 

2. Continue practising multiplications facts of 3s, 5s, and 9s. 

3. Tomorrow is last day to submit forms related to Self Discipline.  Prizes to be awarded. 

4. Please do follow up at home of Stranger Danger. 

Tuesday, January 29

1. Math duotang sheets, pages 45, 46, 47 should be ready for Thursday's classes. 

2. Fill the cupboards! February campaign to support our breakfast program beginning Friday. 

3. Practice 3s and 9s.  New multiplication games site added below. 

4. Science sheet has been distributed with guidelines and rubric for assignment due Monday, February 11. 

5. Subway fundraiser form sent home. 

Monday, January 28

1. Phys Ed tomorrow. 

2. Finish sheet of 3s in duotang;    Textbook #6 on page 173 was done and corrected. 

3. Science project due week of February 11. Sheet of details to go home tomorrow. 

4. Read for 20 minutes and practice multiplication facts of 2s, 3s, and 5s.  

Thursday, January 24

1. Multiplication practice 2s, 5s, 9s  for at least 10 minutes.  Go higher than 20, 50 or 90 to challenge yourself. 

2. Phys Ed tomorrow. 

3. Activity with our Grade 1 buddies tomorrow afternoon. 

4. Conservation Corps presentation tomorrow morning about climate change; bring dead batteries if you have any (as that is part of tomorrow's discussion). 

5. Form sent home about grade 4 girls' basketball and first practice is this Sunday, January 27, at  2-3:30, and Monday, January 28 and that will be 4:30-6. 

Wednesday, January 23

1. Bonus 30 minute Phys Ed period tomorrow morning. 

2. Continue practising multiplication facts. Ensure sheets for 2s, 5s, and 9s completed. 

3.  Read. 

Tuesday, January 22

1. Math duotangs should be returned DAILY. 

2. Math duotang homework: finish 2s, 5s, 9s on the two column pages. 

3. For Friday's presentation, we are requesting used/non-working batteries. 

4. Phys Ed Friday. 


6. Read and practise 2s, 5s, 9s. 

Monday, January 21

1. Recycling blitz for January is still ongoing and this Thursday is the final tally for the month. 

2. Parent homework: White forms with title Self-discipline should be submitted by Wednesday this week. 

3. Breakfast club. Fill-up occurring. Donation request letters going home this week. 

4. Finish Y-diagram of Social Studies.

5. Sheets in your math duotang with two columns of 2s and 5s should be completed.  

6. Read to self for 20 minutes; practise multiplication facts for 10 minutes. 

Wednesday, January 16

1. Sorry previous entries for homework were permanently deleted. 

2. Recycling blitz tomorrow as well as student assembly. 

3. Friday is PJ day as fundraiser for SLA. 

4. Book exchange tomorrow as well as computer time. Please return outstanding books and bring own earbuds. 

5. Read 20 minutes and practise multiplication facts for at least 10 minutes.