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Important Reminders:

1. Be sure to dress for outside play

Grade 3 Curriculum

Math- Numbers to 1000- we use our math book, workbook, manipulatives and games to learn all about Data

Here is the link for the Grade 3 Math Curriculum Guide online.

Language Arts

Literacy Place- Analyzing unit- we are learning about what analyzing means and exploring through different books, activities and literature CDs

Literacy Block- we are moving right along and children are working well in all centers- Work on Writing, Word Work, Listen to Reading, Read to Self and Work with teacher

Poetry- Remembrance Day

read aloud- Wonder

Here is the link for the Grade 3 Language Arts Curriculum Guide online.


Soil Unit- We are learning all about soil. We use curiosity tables, our science magazine and all kinds of books related to soil. We have sorted through our soil samples, did shake it up experiment, have a worm farm and checked to see which soil absorbed the most water.

Social Studies

Unit 1 How can you describe the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador? We are learning about Newfoundland and Labrador by reading books, doing small assignments and making foldables. Doing a brochure about the Atlantic Region.


Chapter one- Well Being

We are reading our text book and other books and watching videos to learn about our Well Being


Remembrance Day


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