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Important Reminders:

1. Dress for outside play

Grade 3 Curriculum

Math - addition and subtraction we are using the text, manipulatives and games, practice book and our white boards while we are working in this unit.

Here is the link for the Grade 3 Math Curriculum Guide online.

Language Arts

Literacy Place- we are working on the Sequencing strategy and exploring this through stories and word work and writing

we continue to work on our Literacy Block through centers etc.

read aloud- Wonder

Here is the link for the Grade 3 Language Arts Curriculum Guide online.


Structures Unit- we will explore structures through experiments, class discussions, children's literature, videos and individual and group work.

we are about to clue up structures and begin the Magnet unit

Social Studies

We are working on chapter 3 and learning about where people live and work in Newfoundland and Labrador.

we are about to start Chapter 4 Who are the People of Newfoundland and Labrador


We are working on Growth and Nutrition and are learning about how to take care of our bodies, Nutrition and Healthy snacks.

we are about to begin Promoting Health for our next chapter


St Patrick's Day


A river of caring