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Important Reminders:

1. Be sure to dress for outside play

Grade 3 Curriculum

Math- Addition and Subtraction- we use our math book, workbook, manipulatives and games to learn all about adding and subtracting

We will be focusing on problem solving more during term two and will be starting a math journal as well.

Here is the link for the Grade 3 Math Curriculum Guide online.

Language Arts

Literacy Place- Inferring unit- we are learning about what inferring means and exploring through different books, activities and literature CDs

Literacy Block- we are moving right along and children are working well in all centers- Work on Writing, Word Work, Listen to Reading, Read to Self and Work with teacher

Poetry- Spring

Read aloud- Wonder

Here is the link for the Grade 3 Language Arts Curriculum Guide online.


Invisible Forces Unit- We are learning all about magnets. We use curiosity tables, our science magazine and all kinds of books related to this.

Social Studies

Unit 2 chapter 6 How do the people interact positively ?

We are exploring this unit and making foldables and reading different books etc.


Chapter three- Promoting Health

We are reading our text book and other books and watching videos to learn about promoting health




The Badger Flood A River of Caring