Ms. Boland's Grade 3 Information Page

For those of you that maybe having trouble logging into google classroom, I will try my best to keep this site updated.

Here are some of the information emailed and/or posted to our 'google classroom'...

Math Fraction videos and activities

Math Division videos (Multiplication and Division Relationship) (Introduction to Division)

NLESD: Learning at Home link

Here is a cute idea for Mother's Day.

May 6th message to students for our fun week

Good morning everyone! Next week our school has arranged a fun challenge week. It is similar to the fun days we have at school. There will be a theme from Monday to Friday. If we wish to participate that would be awesome! I'm sending the information along now so you can get prepared. Please send along any pictures of you and/or your family participating and tell us a little about what you did, we would love to see them! Good luck and have fun!

Monday, May 11th

Motivation Monday!

Jersey or Uniform day! It can be a jersey from your favourite sports team or a uniform of an organization you belong to such as Beavers, Brownies, etc.

Are there any new tasks or skills you have been thinking about trying? Maybe it is reading two chapters in your book instead of one! Maybe it is helping with the dishes or cleaning your bedroom! Or perhaps it is working on your sport-specific skills or cooking (with adult supervision).

Tuesday, May 12th

Tropical Tuesday!

Dress in your summer attire! You could be preparing for a trip to Hawaii or for a day at the beach!

Find (or construct) somewhere cozy to curl up and read a good book! Nothing like relaxing on the beach with a good book, cold water and an occasional nap! If you have already built your fair share of forts during this quarantine have you thought about reading upside down?

Wednesday, May 13th

Wacky Hair Wednesday!

Wear your hair in a funky hairstyle or sport a silly hat!

Write and send a letter to a family member or a friend! You could handwrite your letter or send it electronically! Just ask an adult for help!

Thursday, May 14th

Turnaround Thursday!

Wear your clothes backwards!

Suggest having breakfast for supper! After all, it is a backwards day!

Friday, May 15th

Fitness Friday!

Wear your P.E Clothes and Get Movin’ around the house!

Complete fitness activities today-there are so many ways to remain active! Do some jumping jacks, high knees, jog on the spot, yoga or dance to your favourite song! The possibilities are endless! Do you have access to a backyard to play in? Run around! Challenge someone in your family to a race! Teach them how to skip or gallop!

Multiplication videos/sites (Introduction to multiplication) (Multiplication as equal groups with practice) (Multiplication as repeated addition) (Multiplication on a number line)

This site has practice which is great to help you get better and better! (What is multiplication?) (Multiplication and addition)

Outdoor Play ideas

Ms. Halliday shared this with us. Thanks Ms. Halliday!

Math Subtraction sites (This one is practice)

Drawing challenge:

Math Addition sites/videos (This one is a song!) (Part 1) (Part 2) (This one is practice)

Earth Day

This is the original Lorax movie enjoy!!

From Ms. Beresford (other music teacher at our school)

How to make google slides from Mr. Barrington

Art and other activities

From Ms. Poole

You can go to Ms. Poole's google classroom by going to her email and using her class code

classroom code mxwkh6j

Time Capsule



From Mr. Best

From Ms. Rendell (her email and class code for you to see and use her google classroom)

class code 2uuzqye

Science (from Mr. Edison)

From Ms. Lahey